Working with relationships

It is not uncommon for couples to enter into therapy distressed, something may have happened or there is a loss of connection, perhaps due to sexual difficulties.

In my work with couples, I welcome heteronormative and same-sex couples, while considering the relationship as the client. I also work with separated and divorced couples, where children are involved, on establishing a new co-parenting relationship.

From a non-judgemental/shaming position, together we identify the ways you and your partner interact that lead to distress, dissatisfaction, criticism, or distance. From this new place of awareness, each of you are invited to better understand what you really need from each other.

I look at sexual difficulties or transgression as a relationship issue, taking a first step down this path leads to deeper understanding and intimacy.

Once you understand this more clearly, you will learn new ways to express your needs and meet the needs of each other. Instead of becoming angry, hateful, and pushing each other away, you will learn to relate to each other in more vulnerable and authentic ways.
As you each find courage to bring yourself more fully into your relationship, you will often feel closer to each other and engage in fewer behaviors that decrease trust, and destroy the foundation of mutual respect, love, and friendship.
Couples therapy can also help you discover that your differences are too great and that the best solution for each of you will be to end the relationship.

My work with families is short-term and solution focused.

I hold an advanced diploma in relationship therapies from the NAOS Institute.